Not sure Sideshow will get around to it, but went ahead and made a custom Cobra BAT. This was one of the kewlest GIJoe figures made. Who wouldn't want a robot with interchangeable hands? Elvis from the Freaks board made his great looking BAT, so I knew I had to as well.

The helmet was made by Elvis and put on a head with features sanded off. Body is a standard Hot Toys True Type with the shoulders bulked, legs lengthened half a inch. The forearms were covered with thin layer of epoxy sculpt and made to look like a robot. The left arm and attachments are held in place using magnets. The computer chest is cut from a Sidekick motherboard, the edge is epoxy sculpt with a clear plastic window. Gloves are 12" Dare Devil. Boots, I don't know, added epoxy sculpt things to them. Belts, webgear and sidearm are from SS Cobra Trooper. Grenades are DiD. Leg control and belt, I don't know Machine gun is from Popsalute T3 T-850. Laser and claw from 2000 Trapjaw. Backpack is made from plastic sheet and covered in black vinyl and cobra decals cut by me. It has a metal sheet so the attachments stay in place. Needs a few tweaks, but I like him.

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