Hasbro put out several awesome G.I. Joe figures out during the original 1982-94 run. Of them, my favorite is the 1984 Firefly figure. There was just something neat about his all gray camo and his backpack with the toolbox and stuff. Sideshow Collectibles showed concept art at the 2009 SDCC of their upcoming Firefly figure, it looked great, looked just like the original figure. But when they put him up for order . . . he looked good, but looking nothing like that artwork or the figure, so I decided to make my own. Several of us on Sideshow Freaks board made our own. 

Firefly here is a SS Firefly head and hands, Saturday Toys body, 21c America's Finest clothes, HT Bank Robber Joker machine gun, SS handgun, Dragon boots, grenades and pouches and the pack frame was made by onethousandmasks. The leg detonators, chest explosives and backpack explosives were made by me. I dig him!

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