Sideshow Collectible did a incredible run of horror figures, including almost every Friday The 13th Jason and his mother. But for some reason they didn't complete the line excluding Jason from Part 8 and "Roy" from Part 5. Well I decided to make my own Part 8 Jason.

The body, machete shirt and pants are from Sideshow Part 6 Jason dyed black and ripped and weathered. The original head and mask I used was by  Darkartist from the Sideshow Freaks board painted by me. But the sculpt was a bit undersized so I was never happy with it. I got a new sculpt and masked by ones1customs. He painted them, but I added some grays and touchups to bring it more to my liking. And yea, he looked like that in the movie. A lot of people don't like that looks, but I do. The forearms were sculpted and scared as well as other areas on his body. The gloves are from Sideshow Boromir and the boots Dragon. Custom stand decal made by me.

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