The Dark Knight was not only a awesome comic book movie, it was a damn good movie period. Hot Toys put out a great 1/6 line, but left out James Gordon. The Gary Oldman nailed the character in look and performance and is just as important as Batman in the movie, so I don't know why they didn't make him. Oh well, had to make my own. The head was sculpted by Spenser from the Sideshow Freaks board and painted by me. As with his Max sculpt, this cast is ruff.  The painted sculpt has been finished for a while and was my first paint job since stopped making custom 3 3/4" Joes, and it shows lol.  The body, pants, jacket and Beretta are Dragon. Overcoat and holster are from ebay. White shirt, belt, tie and shoes are Saturday Toys. Badge and keys are BBI.

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