A figure Sideshow probably will not do, so a few of us on the SFF board (Elite 15) decided to create our own. What better character to create a figure from than the mail away Steel Brigade trooper. It was a figure that you could write the bio card for. You can check out the custom thread here and see what everyone else had in mind for their figure.

The helmet/head was sculpted, cast and painted by Mando. Body is a Veryhot Hot Toys knock-off. Clothes are various ones from ebay. Boots and kneepads are SS Cobra officer. Hands and gauntlets are SS Zartan. Machine gun from Hot Toys Dutch. 80mm grenades and smoke canisters from SS Duke. Grenades from Dragon. Sidearm, holster, mazazines, got me. Breast tags and patches are custom printed by me. A very fun figure to put together and also to see the other guys versions as well.

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