Custom Figure Sites  
Customs, Customs and more Customs. Also Diostories and message boards for those wanting tips or just the normal BSing around. The great Bivouac will be missed, but all the great things about that site are continued at
hawkbanner.gif (20480 bytes) Very kewl ccustoms and a excellent fanfic/Diostories.
Capolan's Custom Colonial Marines Killer Custom Marines from Aliens and a awesome diorama set.
Porkchop's Page Excellent site with some creative customs.
Chad & Matthews GI Joe Customs Dedicated to all those childhood (and adult) ideas that never got to be
used. 3 3/4 inch figures right now, but some 12 inch on the way.

Fanfic and Diostorie Sites  
Tim's Corner of the Internet Tim is da man when it comes to diostories.
I Gave My Cat A Enema Some of the funniest damn things I have seen on the web.
Reference Sites
firefly.gif (3938 bytes) Do I really need to tell you to go?

Excellent site with lots of Commercials and clips from the toon's
The Ultimate GI Joe Cartoon Website Wanna know about the 'Toon? Go here.
The G.I.Joe Vehicles Page Extensive listing and pics of the RAH Vehicles
The 3 3/4 Inch Action Figure Archives Mego, Mattel, as well as others like Remco's Universal Monsters, Clash of the Titans, Mash. Anything 3 3/4". The site for anything that is He-Man
Joe World A site has links to practically every 3 3/4" and 12" G.I. Joe, Ultimate Soldier, Dragon on the web (except mine, yea I know, what a rebel)
The Raving Toy Maniac Good Toy Site with lots of info.
Mad Max FAQ Everything you want to know about the stars, cars and making of the Mad Max Trilogy of movies. I've even got my MM customs displayed here.
Other Sites I Frequent  

Fear The Mullet is a very funny site for those headbangers and people that know what a "mullet" haircut is and remember em.

Very funny website with the animated adventures of Joe Cartoon and Co. You   must check it out.
Landover Baptist: America's Favorite Church! A great site that pokes fun at extremely overboard religious organizations. Very creative and funny, keeps me rolling every month.
Assassin - Kill Celebrities Lots of Shockwave games of taking out your aggression toward those annoying NSYC Boys, Pokemorons, Kid Rock, Taco Bell Dog and more. Gotta check it out. (You'll need Shockwave)

Great site with plenty of off the wall humor with prank calls, rants and just odd stuff. If you like Mr. Show and SCTV, you'll get a kick out of Juiskers.
Oklahoma GM Performance Oklahoma GM Performance Car Club I belong to.

If you have or know of a GI Joe, Toy or just a kewl website, E-mail me and I'll list it here. Thanx.

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