MACVSOGcommando.JPG (50287 bytes)


Head: Hawk 86
Torso: Alley Viper 89
Arms: Recondo 84

Waist: Laser-Viper 90
Legs: Crazylegs 87

Pacl: Beach Head 86
Rifle: Footloose 85
Knife: Shockwave 88
Helmet: Footloose 85
Backpack: Flint 85

MACVSOGinsignia.jpg (16013 bytes)

Under the US Military Assistance Command Vietnam, (MACV) the Studies and Observations Group, (SOG) was the most secret elite US military unit to serve in the Vietnam War-so secret that it's very existence was denied by the government. These covert warriors, composed entirely of volunteers from such ace fighting units as the Green Berets, Air Force Air Commandos, and Navy SEALs, MACV-SOG took on the most dangerous covert assignments behind enemy lines, from penetrating heavily defended North Vietnamese camps, sabotage and espionage, to the rescuing of downed US pilots.

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