Since I'm planning on installing a cam soon, I figured I would need headers to take full advantage of it. My buddy Chris was selling his 2 month old Jet-Hot Longtubes  and custom off road Y pipe for a good price, so I couldn't resist.

Our good friend Jason from EXtreme Performance provided us with a lift, tools and all his knowledge of F-Body's for the install, well basically me and Chris helped him lol.

Install was actually easy, took about 3 hours to remove the stock equipment and install the Jet-Hots and ORY.

Click here for detailed pics of the header install.

After installing the Headers and Catback, the SS ran a best of 13.133 @ 106.16 with a 60' of 2.047

Previous best was 13.391 @ 104.68 with a 60' of 2.160


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