When I got the SS, the tires and wheels were replaced by the original owner with some 17x9.5 and 17x11 Chrome ZR1 replica wheels. They were wrapped in worn out Sumitomo HTRZ tires. The style of tires looked ok, but I wanted something that would grip when I need it to.

So, I went with Nitto NT-555 275/40/17 for the front and Nitto NT-555R 315/35/17 for the rear.

The front 275's  I got for a great price from our club president.

The rear 315's I got for $362 shipped from Victoria Tire.

 How do I like em? I love em. Excellent price and performance. They grip on all levels. Don't know how long they will last, I'm hoping for 12-14K miles for the rear ones.

Haven't had any problems driving them in the rain or snow n ice. Just don't drive like a idiot with them on there.


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