A lot of Joe 'fans' moan and groan and the 1987 offerings, I loved them. They remind me a bit of the Adventure Team from the early 70's! Croc Master is figure Sideshow probably will not do, so a few of us on the SFF board decided to create our own. You can check out the custom thread here and see what everyone else had in mind for their figure, though the general idea and look is the same.

The head was sculpted and cast by Skiman and painted by myself. Kaustic body and ACI hands, Hot Toys T2 DX pants. Dragon boots. The wife beater, boot coverings, gauntlet and holster were made from some material I found at the craft store. It has a nice texture to is similar to the original figure. The crocodile is from Amazon. Cobra Championship Belt was made from leather, vinyl and epoxy. Whip is from Hot Toys Dr. Jones. Revolver from HT RE Alice. A very fun figure to put together and also to see the other guys versions as well.

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