People that have followed my site over the years know I love The Road Warrior movie and Mad Max, so it is only right I make a custom figure. This figure has evolved for some 25 years. In it's current form as seen in the first picture: the head was sculpted by Snyderman and painted by Elvils1976 from the Sideshow Freaks board. The hardest part for me was finding leathers that looked right. These from Dollfigures are just that, modified and weathered by me. The boots are DiD. Shotgun is 21st Century. Belt and some of the leg straps are Dragon. The holster, shoulder pad, wrench, knife thingy, leg brace (all that were modified quite a bit) are by Billy also from the Sideshow Freaks board. Body is a Soldier Story. Dog is from Toy Anxiety painted and also painted by Elvis1976. I still have tweaks left. He will never be 100% finished.

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