Custom Superhero Comparison

While I wasn't ashamed of the job I did on these the first go around some 5-6 years ago, I thought they needed some "tweaking"

Superman.JPG (15212 bytes)

Superman 2.JPG (15044 bytes)

Old: Ugggg, what was I thinking using gloss paints. Ugggggg

New: Flat paint looks much better. Better "S" chest symbol. Sculpted Supes some longer hair, looks MUCH better.

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Batman.JPG (16925 bytes)

Batman 2.JPG (18788 bytes)

Old: Again, ugggg with the gloss and too dark of gray paint, the symbol and ears look terrible. New: Like Supes above, flat paint looks much better. More of a early Dark Knight look. Sculpted pockets on the belt and ears from epoxy are vast improvements over original. Cape is bigger and fuller.

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Spiderman.JPG (13283 bytes)

Spiderman 2.JPG (12411 bytes)

Old. Man, that gloss is nasty, and they eyes are way off center. New: Nicer flat paint. Better shade of blue, eyes are centered and the spider on the chest is much better.

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