Lazy Bastard Custom Award

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Above is the Official Lazy Bastard Custom Award

Just what is the LBCA? Well, a Lazy Bastard Custom is a custom figure that had no effort involved in making it. These customs usually involve no or VERY little painting or changing whatsoever. I.E., just taking a unaltered 87 Law head and putting it on a 87 Falcon body that has also been unaltered is considered a LBC. Taking a pair of 84 Duke legs and sticking it with a 86 Hawk upper body is also considered a LBC, it in no way has been "customized". There is just real no effort in making it, so it's just a lazy custom. And to show the world what a fine Lazy Bastard Customizer you are, I present the Official Lazy Bastard Custom Award*. The First recipient of this award is Zarana-X for his fine Law custom. Yea, I know I have 4 LBC on my page, but 4 out of about 100 real customs is a good ratio.

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The picture of the Pissing Stormtroopers was seized during a raid of a Cobra Agent known as Warflight.

*Please note this is all in good fun. If you receive this award, do not take it as any kind of personal insult, it's just for laughs and a good time.