5thSFCGreenBeret.JPG (54359 bytes)

5th Special Forces Group Airborne
Green Beret

Head: Dialtone 86
Torso: Footloose 85
Arms: Topside 90

Waist: Footloose 85
Thighs: Footloose 85
Feet: Hit n Run 88

Uzi: Iron Grenadier 88
Pack: Beach Head 86
Backpack: Falcon 87

5thSFCGinsignia.JPG (25981 bytes)

Specially selected and trained, the Green Berets are America's main weapon against fighting the guerilla forces of the North Vietnamese Army, (NVA) and Viet Cong, (VC). The 5th Special Forces Group Airborne, although one of the smallest units deployed into South Vietnam, its operational detachments established and manned camps at 270 different locations which trained and led indigenous forces of the civilian irregular defense groups, as well as regular units of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Vietnam. These men were some of the best of the best...

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