Head: Worms 87
Torso: Sci Fi 91
Arms: Ghost Rider 88
Waist: Eels 85
Thighs: Wet Suit 86
Road Champs

Gun: Frag-Viper 88
Road Champs
Road Champs

Perdtion was an alley viper whose passion for speed led to the formation of the High speed recon division of the alley vipers. Out of the 25 that were chosen only Persition had the reflexes to handle the stripped down motorcycles that were assigned to the group. The other 24 having never returned from their recon operations.

From Cobra Commanders files: Perdition makes motor vipers look like little old ladies on their way to church. He can pick off a tin can at 200 yards and still get close enough to read the label before it hits the ground... now that is speed control

Custom made by BgDdyPhil

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