Dreadnok Vehicle

What more could any Dreadnok want than a big-ass truck with an elephants skull on it?!?!?!

12 bore is the owner/driver of this 4 wheel drive vehicle as you can see from the photos, it can have the chain gun mounted on the back (note the used cans of Grape soda!) be used to tow prisoners or Zartan's Swamp Skier, or be used as a transporter.
Also note on the back, supplies of ammo, Rocket Launchers, a mortar, and of course Grape soda and doughnuts!!!
The truck is from Jurassic Park 3 (with a few modifications) the skulls are from my Daughters old Disney Lion King Playset, the metal plating/shields are
from Knock off figures as are the various weapons. The chain gun is from a knock off figure, and the mounting for is was made from an old truck of my Sons. The cage came with a Dino Quest vehicle.

Custom made by Russ

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