The Enemy

Head: Knock off figure
Torso: Sagat-street fighter
Arms: Hydro Viper '88
Legs: Corps
Waist: Mortal Kombat



This chap is from a crappy story which ran in England after the comic running Action force was cancelled and replaced with "Storm Force".

Storm force was another anti terrorist group but it was full of rubbish sci-fi weaponry, and weak unrealistic stories( The leader of Storm Force only had one arm, the other was a robotic arm which he could put interchangeable weapons on, like a machine gun, which he controlled by thought for Christ's sake!!!!!!!)

Tarantula was the leader of the terrorist group, He was more spider than man (having been reared by, you got it, Tarantula Spiders!!!) He quite happily went around biting people in the neck and poisoning them (This is pre AIDS you have to understand)!!!!!! He also had a special weapon which fired out thousands of spiders and poisoned/suffocated his victims.

I always liked the character, though and he was suitably creepy.

All of his high command were named after spiders such as Wolf, Bolas, Crab, etc, etc.

Custom made by Russ

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