EFCoH Submissions

So ya just finished the custom you've been laboring over for the last week, now  whatcha gonna do with it? Well if it's good enough, send a pic, description of parts, name and function to me and I'll put it up. Now weather it gets posted is another thing. Here at EFCoH, I try to show the highest quality custom Joe figures on the web. So if that custom looks like it was done by a 3 year old with finger paints, I ain't gonna put here. I know that seems cold and harsh, but that's how it is. Another thing I look for is originality, if it's original and not what everyone else is doing (red ninja's) and looks good, your chance of getting it posted here just went up. If all your customs are just parts swapping and no custom work involved ( i.e.: A Lazy Bastard Custom ), go elsewhere. Now that's not to say I wouldn't post a LBC, but I do want the percentage of LBC to be far lower that the actual Custom figures you make, say 4 to 1. Now I'm not saying mine or anyone else's here are the best on the web, but ours are a step above average and I want the customs at the FCoH to be consistent.

So if you still think your customs are the shit and want em them here. Just email me with the clear as possible scan of the figure. I just lay my figures face down on my scanner with the accessories as close as possible to the figure and scan it, comes out clean and clear. Save them in a Highest Quality JPEG for GIF if possible. Also include a list of the parts used, the guys name and function. Email me:  EVILFACE

Now after reading this you feel your custom may not meet these requirements, don't worry about them never being seen. Just email Dan at the Bivouac. He'll be more than happy to post them there. It's a great site with ALOT of customs and a message board for custom help and chatting with others.


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