Last of the V8 Interceptors

"Sweeter than music and the bitch was born to run"

V8 Interceptor F.JPG (31931 bytes) V8 Interceptor FR.JPG (39463 bytes)
V8 Interceptor R.JPG (41828 bytes) V8 Interceptor Lights.JPG (36539 bytes)


Remember the one I did before? Well, I took the original V8 Interceptor that I did, that was based off of a 1:18 Porsche, and did some body work to it and this is the end result. The front end from the middle of the wheel arch forward is all made from epoxy putty and plastic girders. The hood is from a 1:24 80 Camaro, the rear quarter panels are from a 1:24 AMC Javelin with the wheel flare and rear spoiler made from epoxy with a lot of model putty and sanding to get it smooth to the body. The roof and side panels were taken from a 1:16 mustang model and narrowed. The roof section was removed to allow Max to be able to be put in and out of it. The sidepipes are made from epoxy with aluminum piping for the tips. The blower ("it's the blower man the blower") is from the same Camaro model. The tanks are from the GIJoe Piranha and the rear wheels and tires from a 1:18 Lamborghini. Still needs some work like finding some better tanks, the dual hood scoops and cutting some clear headlights (currently they are stickers). Kind of what it would've looked like between Mad Max and The Road Warrior.

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