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Welcome to my GI Joe custom page. These were all done several years ago by myself and are displayed for you to enjoy. They've all been painted, sculpted and sanded in some sort of way. Some even have scribbled pictures drawn and colored by me and even some filecards.
FC    Next to a name means there is a custom filecard for that figure. The cards were made by me and the figure pictures were drawn by me or was scanned if possible and colored. I came up with the Bio's and backgrounds for them all except those that are noted.   FC - Means new filecard added.
Since I've received lots of mail on what and how I make my customs, I've added a section showing the steps and some of my tricks in Crash Course In Custom Figures and in my FAQ section. .

Ampeg - Bazooka Soldier

Nomad - Bazooka Soldier

Anthrax - Demolition Expert  FC

Orion - Weapons Expert

Barret - Field Commander

Ozzy - Ranger

Beach Head - Ranger  FC

Phantom - Force Recon

Blitz - Laser Trooper

Quarrel - Counter Intelligence

Bones - Marine   FC

Rambo - Green Beret   FC

Chapel - Recon Patrol

Red 13 - Force Recon   FC

Clutch - Vamp Mark III Driver

Redwing - Scout  FC

Colt - Jungle Trooper

Riddell - Force Recon

Cross-Hair - Sniper   FC

Roadblock - Machine Gunner   FC

D-Day - Gunner   FC

Rocky Balboa - Instructor   FC

Decon - Armor Crewmember  FC

Roland - Recon

Deep Six - Sailor/SEAL    FC

Sandstorm - Desert Trooper

Dialtone - Communications

Shadow - Commando

Dropzone - Halo Jumper

Shockwave - Swat Specialist  FC

Duke - First Sergeant

Slingshot - Special Ops

Filter - SAS

Snake Eyes - Unmasked

Foley - Grenadier

Spoiler - Armor Specialist

Fossil - Grenadier

Stakeout - SWAT

Glenda - Counter Intelligence  FC

Static - Communications

Gung Ho - Marine

Steeler - Action Force Tank Commander  FC

Hammer - Action Force Infantry

Stockpile - Mortar Soldier

Heat - Warrant Officer  FC

Storm Shadow - Covert Operations  FC

Jackyl - Combat Controller

Stryker - Infantry

Jeg - Laser Rifle Trooper  FC

Talon - Bazooka Soldier  FC

Lifeline - Medic

T-Bone - Marine

Lt. Stone - Special Forces

Torpedo - SEAL

Lowlight - Night Spotter

Vamp Mark III - GI Joe Jeep
Lynch - Special Forces Warwick - Night Assault

Alley-Viper - Cobra SWAT

Medi-Viper - Cobra Medic  FC

Black Aria - Cobra Covert Operations  FC

Ninja-Viper - Cobra Ninja  FC

Blitz-Viper - Cobra Mortar Soldier Para-Viper - Cobra Paratrooper
CED-Viper Cobra Mine Layer Purge-Viper - Cobra Firefighter

Cobra Commander - Cobra Leader

Pyro-Viper - Cobra Flamethrower

Cobra Commander - Cobra Leader

Python-Viper - Cobra Python Viper

Cobra Commander - Cobra Recruiter  FC

Range-Viper - Wilderness Trooper

CAT - Cobra Cyborg Attack Trooper  FC

Reaper - Cobra Mercenary

Cobra EBAT - Battle Android Trooper

Reverant - Cobra Trainer

Cobra De Aco -Cobra Laser Trooper Rotor-Viper - Cobra FANG III Pilot
Cobra Mortal - Cobra Assassin  FC Satan - Cobra Ninja  FC

Cobra RTO - Radio Telephone Operator  FC

Scar Face - Cobra Courier  FC

Cobra Tech - Cobra Technician  FC

SCF-Viper - Special Cobra Force

Crimson Guard Superior - Elite Trooper Sgt  FC

Scrap-Iron - Cobra Anti-Armor Specialist

CVT-Viper - Cobra VT Driver

Serpentor - Cobra Emperor FC

Damon - Cobra Advisor  FC

Shock-Viper - Cobra Bazooka Soldier

Death-Viper - Cobra Machine Gunner  FC

Street-Viper - Cobra Highway Terror  FC
Firefly - Saboteur Demo-Viper - Cobra Demolitions
Hunter - Cobra Major Pythona - Cobra-La Messenger
Iron Cobra - Cobra Ninja  FC Tele-Viper - Cobra Communication
Iron Maiden - Cobra General  FC Torment - Cobra Sergeant

K9-Viper - Cobra Dog Handler

Torture - Cobra Corporal
Major Bludd - Cobra Mercenary Cobra Anvil - Cobra Tank
Matrix - Cobra Counter Intelligence CVT - Cobra Viper Transporter
Red Baron - Cobra Anvil Driver Cobra Fang III - Cobra Helicopter
DVS - Cobra Machine Gunner Cobra Minx - Cobra Patrol Jeep
Shrap-Viper - Cobra Grenadier Cobra Python - All-Terrain Vehicle
Dune-Viper - Cobra Desert Soldier Cobra Scorpion - Cobra  Buggy
Crystal Ball - Cobra Hypnotist Mamba 13 - Cobra Stealth Copter
  Cobra Check Point -  Cobra Patrol Station

Coil - Dreadnok

Ludwig - Dreadnok

Cragar - Dreadnok

Peavey - Dreadnok

Dreadlok - Dreadnok

Raven - Dreadnok

Elvis - Dreadnok Inferno Driver

Red Beard - Dreadnok   FC

Gasher - Dreadnok

Widow Maker - Dreadnok  FC

Harley - Dreadnok

Zartan - Master of Disguise

Judas - Dreadnok

Dreadnok Headquarters

Junkyard Jack  - Dreadnok

Dreadnok Street Machine


Black Shadow - Assassin Dickie LRRP   FC
Colonel Born - Mercenary Ramon LRRP   FC
Darth Maul - Guy That Dies Quickly Snake Eyes LRRP   FC
Evilface - Saboteur Stalker LRRP   FC
Frost - Assassin/Mercenary  FC Storm Shadow LRRP   FC
Hitman - Bounty Hunter Wade LRRP   FC
Joseba Mendieta - Mercenary LRRP Unit Group Shot
Kwinn - Mercenary   FC  
Lieutenant Hadif - Mercenary  
Shadows - Black Shadow Henchmen  
Snake Plissken - Escape From New York  
Stygian - Flatline Assassin  


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Max Rockatansky - MFP Officer

Bosco "Bad Attitude" Baracus  FC

Jim Goose - MFP Officer

H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock  FC

The Nightrider - Toecutter Gang

John "Hannibal" Smith  FC

Toecutter - Gang Leader

Templeton "Face" Peck  FC

MFP Interceptor

The A-Team Group Pic

MFP Cycle


Mad Max - The Road Warrior


Humungus - Ruler of the Wasteland


Wez - Wasteland Biker


V8 Interceptor



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Angel de la Muerte - Wrestling Phenomenon  FC


Molly Hatchet - Dealer of Death  FC

Green Lantern

Nature Boy -Survivalist   FC

The Incredible Hulk   NEW

Madcap - Covert Operations   FC


Kung Fu - Insane Martial Artist   FC


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