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Welcome to my Frequently Asked Questions. Ones in red are new ones.
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Will you sell your ________?   (most of the time it's the Terror Drome)

NOTHING on this site is forsale unless stated on the opening page. And then, it's usually on eBay. Yea, I know that some look down on folks for selling there, but I paid good time and money to have to what I've gotten. If I'm selling something, I'm going to get the most I can for it. Why be a good guy and sell a 82 Cobra Commander for 3 bucks when someone is willing to give me $30?

Why are you getting rid of your collection?

Well I am getting rid of alot of stuff. Gotta make my Cars faster and to make room for other toys. I'm mostly keeping the best  and my favorite years of Joe 82-84. Everything else is probably going to go.

What happened to Evilface Creations? Do you still sell customs?

Sorry, I no longer produce customs for sale. That is unless you pay me some good some of money. If your lucky, you might get a shot at the ones that go up on eBay. I figure that is the best and fairest way for everyone to have a shot at them.

When are you going to put up some of YOUR customs?

Man, that's really hard to say. I don't have the free time that I used to. I've started my own business and the rest of the time I enjoy doing nothing. I have a few Joe customs that I need to finish up and they will probably be my last. I'll also have a updated Indy figure and a improved version of Marvel Studio's 12" Punisher.

What do you think of the new Joe vs. Cobra figures?

They are decent figures, but they are not the Joe I cherish and remember. The new Firefly doesn't hold a candle to the original 84 version. I've picked up a couple of them, but they just ummm sit there.

Do you still sell labels?

Unfortunately not. I just don't really have the time to do them anymore. (i.e. lazy)

Why don't you update your site more often?

3 reasons. 1) WebPages take time to update links, change arrangements, thinking of new things to do, so sometimes I just don't have time to do so. 2) My site is basically to just show off my customs so if I don't have any new customs or I haven't been sent any new customs, there really is no reason for a update. 3) I'm lazy.

How often do you make figures? Ever run out of ideas?

When I set down to make a custom, I don't just make one, I work on 3 or 4 at a time and generally have them done in a day or 2. So generally I have about 6-8 ready when I update. When I do set down to make them, I do it only when I'm ready and want to, I won't force myself to make them. I constantly have ideas for figure running through my head.

Just how many figures do you have?

Ok, I just counted every single one of em for ya. I have 579 GI Joe figures, 135 custom GI Joe figures and enough parts to make about 100 more.

Are you going to get them all?

I won't get every figure cause there are quite a few after 87 that suck IMHO, like Tiger Force, Ecco Force, Ninja Force, Dino Hunters and most of the Star Brigade and figures from 93-94, most of those subsets have outrageous neon uniforms and guns. Same goes for most of the vehicles, most of them after 87 suck or are to ridiculous. I probably won't be any Night Force stuff cause they really aren't that special other than being "rare", I have a few figures, but don't really care for them. They are all basically black and loose personal identity because of that and the vehicles have silly bright orange parts and glowing stickers. I do have and think most of the Python Patrol figures are kewl.

What do you think of the new Joe's?

I think they kick some major ass and in some cases, blow the original versions of them away. I love the paint wipes and think Dial Tone looks the best with them. It makes them have so much more detail and depth. It does not make the figures look dirty or mucked up as some have said. Law rocks as well, his dog Order is much more detailed than the original and Dusty killer as well. The only thing I dislike is the smaller Filecards and some of the details like leg holsters are not painted differently than the pants. But overall, I give the new stuff a A-.

What is your favorite and least favorite custom that you have done?

That's a tuff question, really hard for me to choose as I like just about all them. I think some of my favorites are Iron Maiden, Alley Viper, Decon, Humungus, Anthrax and my newly updated Shockwave. My least favorites is easy, I don't care much for my Gung Ho or Hardcase and I hated my original Blitz-Viper. Those were some of my first ones, and if I was to judge them today, I would say they suck.

Do you ever redo customs? Like make one then a month later take him apart to make a new custom?

I may update em with new paint or detail them a bit and touch up paint chips and the like. I've totally redone (Shockwave, Ozzy, Filter, Blitz-Viper, Mad-Max (who will be updated again soon), Humungus) or scrapped (Summit). There will be some more, some of the early customs I did look boring or could have been done better. Also all the accessories that are pictured with the figures, stay with the figure.

What paints do use?

90% of the time I use Badger Precise Design Model Flex. The stuff is marvelous, water-based, dries quickly and comes in a vast amount of colors. The other 10% I use Testors. I use flat style on just about everything, give its a more natural look cause you don't want shinny cloth look. I use gloss on some things like belts, boots or visors. Sometimes the 2 can be used to make good effect. Iron Maiden for example is mostly black. To make the colors stand out, the shirt and pants and painted a flat black while the belts, holster and boots are gloss. If he was painted only with flat, he would loose quite a bit of depth.

What type of putty do you use? Is it hard to use?

I mostly use epoxy putty, but the brand I was using decided to change the product (like all the other epoxy companies) and the new stuff ain't that great. Now I've been using Super Sculpy since a lot of other customizers use it, but I don't care for it too much. It's too brittle and curing it sucks. You either gotta boil it or bake it and I ain't gonna stick my Joe's in the oven and you have to really watch boiling it cause the parts can shrink. I haven't tried the hair-dryer method.

Where do you come up with the idea's for your customs? Like who to make and what they look like?

Mostly I just think of something that would look kewl or I see a figure or part that would look kewler if it was just painted in a different way. I just assemble parts of different figures that look good together. When it comes time to paint them, most of the time I don't have a set pattern to what they'll be. They may start as one thing but then completely change to something else.

How do you come up with those camo patterns?

Most of em I just make up and make em as I go. I may get a idea from a magazine or shirts in a store or something from TV. I try to use colors and patterns that are different. I have a few coming up that are unique and I have yet to see any customs that are like them on the net.

I can't believe some of the figures you destroy to make your customs. Where did you find them, are you out of your mind?

Well I can assure you, I'm quite sane. I could just care less about how "rare" a figure is or how much it "goes" for. If I want to use a part, I use it regardless of value. I get my parts from a very good friend that runs a toy store, trades and eBay.

Do you think your so fucking good that you can put other peoples customs down?

I assume this person is replying to my Submissions page where I said "if that custom looks like it was done by a 3 year old with finger paints, I ain't gonna put here." To sum it all up in three words, yes I do. That may sound like I'm stuck up, but I know what my talents are and if I'm good at them or not, same as everyone else. The Fourth Circle of Hell is my museum and my customs (along with Zarana-X, Livevil, Humvee) are the artifacts on display there. I only want to show the best there is and most people only want to see the best. They don't want to see a much of mismatched figures that are painted unevenly and looks to be just slopped and not painted "in the lines". I understand that some take a lot of time in making their figures, but it doesn't matter if you spent 3 minutes for 3 weeks on it, it's the finished project that counts. I judge the submission on what others have done, not myself. If you want my honest opinion, I'll give it to ya.

Just how do you make those filecards?

Well there are two ways to make em. The easy short way and the longer way.

The Easy Way is just to scan a filecard into a program like Adobe Photoshop and paint over the text and just type in new text. Most of the time people "try" to recolor the pictures on the cards, but most of the time the pics turn out like crap IMHO.

I prefer the Longer Way which is more in-depth and takes some time but you come out with a perfect, authentic looking card. First thing is I draw a picture of the figure I'm making the card for. I do a simple black and white line drawing with all the detailing from the waist up on a piece of paper the size of a index card or so. I scan that drawing into Photoshop at 300 dpi and 75% or so. I clean up the picture, color it all, knock out the background and use a explosion filer for the background. I save that file as a  .TIFF format in CMYK color format. The pics are larger so they will show all the detail and will be scaled down later. Then I open Quarks Xpress which is a publishing program (Pagemaker is similar). Experience in these programs is strongly suggested. First I measure all the parts exactly (i.e.: picture box, logo box, font size and style). I draw a line box (that is 5.4w and 3.15h in inches) and import the Filecard Outline File which I scanned earlier and use for all my cards. (click the link to download it from here). The FOF is saved in a .BMP format and is about 6 times the size of a actual filecard to get all the detail (the cards shown on my site are NOT actual size, they are scaled down to save load time). Once imported, the outline is scaled down till the filecards dotted line is on the edge of the box. The I draw another line box and import the character pic in to it and scale it down. Then I draw another line box for the bottom of the character pic to import the Joe, Cobra or The Enemy logo into. Then I draw 2 text boxes: one for the top Codename/Function are and the other for the bio area. I keep with the early 82-85 style with the function first in the large font and the Codename underneath. The large font is usually 20 point unless its long then I adjust it down. The bio text is generally 10 point. Then I type up the bio, making it up usually as I go along. I get idea's from other Joe filecards for things like gun types and schools. The names are people I know or like. Now after that's done come the part that makes Quarks Xpress so great. You can size the text and sentence length so you get a exact fit and not have any words with hyphens in them. Then for color, just draw 2 red lines to separate the Name/Bio/Quote sections To add card color I use the draw tool and draw a box to go behind the Filecard Outline taking up the whole text area, BUT NOT the dotted line area (cause that's gonna be white) I use Pantone 156 CV at 40% to color it with. I print it (usually with 3 filecards to a page), let the ink dry. Then I take a comic backing board and spray adhesive (and only use spray adhesive, anything else the glue will give out over time and separate from the cardstock) on one site and apply the printed page to it and let it dry then cut out along the dotted line.

There ya have it, a almost perfect custom filecard for your figures. It sounds like a lot to do, but once you get the first card done in Xpress, you can copy and paste from there so it's much easier from there, all you have to do is adjust the bio text.


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