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In the Summer of 1992, we (Shawn and Patrick) met while working at a fast food restaurant.  Realizing that we had a lot of the same musical influences, but virtually no prior experience playing instruments, we decided to try to put together some sort of heavy rock/metal band. The tentative name of our band was Culprits.  It was agreed that Patrick would play rhythm guitar, Shawn would play bass, and Mike Eades, a friend of Patrick's, would play lead guitar.  As for a drummer, the three of us searched the area, but found no one serious enough to be involved in the project.

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Friction between Shawn and Mike caused Mike to split from the group in the Fall.  Erick Kreuzberg, an exceptional guitarist friend of Patrick's took Mike's place as lead guitarist.  In November Shawn bought his first bass guitar, a red Hondo (Fender P-Bass copy).  On December 31 Patrick bought his first electric guitar, a black Peavey Patriot.


Some of Shawn's artwork from '92

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