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In January we relocated our practices to a small, garage-like storage building on the property of a friend of Patrick's.  We cleaned out the building and rehearsals began.  "The Shed" would become home to Kadath off and on over the next few years.  It was there that we eventually started writing our own material and gained a lot of experience playing together.  The only problems we faced were the extreme cold in the Winter (which was usually offset by small electric shop heaters), wasp attacks in the Spring and the occasional visit from the police requesting that we turn our amps down. The shed definitely played an instrumental part in Kadath getting off the ground.  -And who knows?  We might just return to that smelly, bug infested hell-hole for another term someday.


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The three of us (Shawn, Erik and Patrick) continued practice sessions twice a week, usually without our lead guitarist, Erick.  This was a problem for the band, but not nearly as big of a problem as the one we would encounter with Erik, the drummer and his parents.  Erik was 15-years-old at the time, which didn't help the situation. But, what made matters worse was that his parents were avid church members, and believed that Erik's affiliation with Kadath would corrupt him.  We had to resort to sneaking Erik out of several church functions to come to practice. We felt like we were the A-Team sneaking Murdock out of the nut house.


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In June we borrowed a drum kit from another school friend or ours for Erik to use.  In exchange, our friend was allowed to use The Shed for his own band to rehearse on the nights that we weren't there.  It didn't work out too well because on a few of occasions, we went out there and found them using our equipment, which was not part of the deal.  They were also bringing outsiders to their practices, which we had warned them not to do for obvious reasons.

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Meanwhile, Erik got into trouble for staying overnight at our friend's house one night when our friend threw a party and asked Kadath to play.  Erik played his ass off, and had a great time with the rest of us.  The next morning his parents came beating on the door, took him home, and prohibited him from ever playing with us again.

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We managed to sneak Erik out one more time to record a cover of Metallica's "Sad But True".  Two versions were recorded.  Both had Patrick on rhythm guitar and bass (Shawn was unavailable), Erik on drums, and Erick Kreuzberg on lead guitar.  One version contained Patrick doing vocals, while the other had Josh Erickson, a friend of Kreuzberg's, singing.  We made the recording just so we would have something to show for the six months we had played with Erik.  Patrick and Josh were both inexperienced at vocals, and although both versions were crappy due to inexperience and recording technique, we decided that the version with Patrick's vocals was slightly better.  It was then decided that Patrick would be the vocalist as well as the rhythm guitarist.

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We (Shawn and Patrick) started searching for a new drummer.  Then in July, we found one and rehearsals resumed with Joe Cummings on drums.  At first we weren't sure if he was right for Kadath.  He was a really skilled, solid drummer, but he was heavily influenced by bands like Pearl Jam and Led Zeppelin, whereas we were into heavier stuff like Black Sabbath, Metallica, and Danzig.  That heavier style of music inspired and challenged Joe to become a metal drummer.  The three of us made a lot of progress in just a few weeks.  Kadath began writing original material.  But after a confrontation with the other band that rehearsed there and continued to bring outsiders onto our friend's property, the other band chose to vacate The Shed, taking their drum kit with them.

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In September we scavenged the Oklahoma City area, looking for a decent drum set, but had no luck.  Then in November, months of searching paid off.  We found an 11-piece Tama Superstar kit at a local drum shop.  The kit was purchased and we returned to the shed to resume rehearsals.  In December we continued working on our original material, which consisted of "Evil Unbound" and a new song entitled "Lifeblood".


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