In 2001, Patrick and Shawn installed soundproofing foam in the basement of Shawn's house.  "Shawn's Metal Basement" was born.  Rick had recently moved back to Oklahoma City from Austin and had was eager to get back to playing.  We decided to try Kadath as a three piece band with Rick on drums.  We would get together and jam once or twice a week.  A few arrangements were written, but nothing solid ever came from them.  Our jam sessions continued until Spring of 2002 when we decided to call it quits.


Patrick briefly played drums for a metal band called "Black Gate" in 2000, and he and Rick were guitarists for "Espianage" until 2001.  Rick went on to play bass for "Lowlife POS" in 2003.  Shawn was tired of dealing with musicians and their egos, so he sort of disappeared from the music scene.


Even with all the drama and bullshit we caused and endured over the years, writing, recording and especially performing with Kadath resulted in some of the best times of our lives.  And to our former members who split from the band on bad terms, we want you to know that we harbor no ill will or bad feelings toward you guys, and hope you feel the same about us.  Kadath was a big part of our lives and you guys are, and always will be like family to us.  We'd like nothing better than for Kadath to be reborn someday, even if only for a reunion show.  Until then..."Up the irons!" and "Bang the head that does not bang!"

-Shawn and Patrick

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