In February, after taking the month of January off, we (Shawn and Patrick) got in contact with former band member, Rick Mushinski. Rick had just moved back to Oklahoma City. We asked him if he would be interested in playing with Kadath again. He was eager to rejoin the band as lead guitarist once more.

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Having removed our equipment from The Shed, the three of us held some rehearsals at Shawn's apartment, while periodically trying out drummers over the next several months.  Because of the lack of a drummer, we didn't get much accomplished during this period.

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Over the Spring and Summer months, activity of the group slowed to a crawl, as we were unable to find a sufficient drummer. The shortage of drummers in Oklahoma City left us with few options.

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By the Fall the three of us had auditioned several drummers, but failed to find one who was compatible with our style.  Frustrated by this problem, we decided to contact Joe, who we hadn't had any contact with in several months.  Joe told us that he wanted to try a more bluesy sound with some of the new material.  We agreed and Joe was once again added to the lineup.

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In October, a friend of Rick offered to rent us a converted room of his house to rehearse in.  We moved in and sound proofed the small former garage, and practices began again.  The remaining week of October was spent getting situated and back into the routine of playing with each other.  It was really great to be playing again after a ten month hiatus.

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In November, we wrote and began working on arrangements for three new songs.  "Minefields", "Insanity's Door", and "Into the Unknown".  A final version of the instrumental "The Silver Key" was also arranged.  The new material was different from previous Kadath songs.  Each of the new songs had a unique sound. "Minefields" was a fast paced thrash metal song which Rick had contributed the main riff for.  "Insanity's Door" was a heavy blues/rock  influenced song.  "Into The Unknown" featured metal riffs to a swing metal beat, and "The Silver Key" was an instrumental metal ballad of sorts.



In December, we recorded the new songs on Patrick's 4-track recorder over the course of two or three days before Christmas.  Rick felt some pressure while recording, so Patrick improvised the lead guitar parts on "The Silver Key", which were originally meant to be scrapped and replaced with better leads by Rick at a later date.  But, we never got around to re-recording those, so the original slop lead guitar parts by Patrick remained on what became "The Silver Key" demo.  It wasn't originally intended to be a demo to be heard outside of the band, but we decided that it was decent enough to release as a self produced demo. 



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