We spent most of January looking for a new rehearsal space and a guitarist to replace Marco.  In February, Shawn got the band a rehearsal place in a residential garage owned by some friends of his girlfriend.  It was uninsulated, noisy and cold.  Nevertheless, the three of us held our practices there temporarily.  Joe had recently been involved in some musical projects with Marco, but made it clear that he wanted to continuing playing with Kadath.

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In March, "The Silver Key" was written.  The opening riff for the instrumental was something Patrick had been playing around with since 1993.  Shawn and Joe seemed to like it quite a bit, so we wrote more parts and developed it into a full song.  We thought about writing lyrics, but it seemed to flow so well as an instrumental, that we kept it that way.


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We (Patrick and Shawn) got in contact with a friend who was preparing to start an indie record label and open a recording studio in downtown Oklahoma City.  He offered us rehearsal space and management, as well as access to the recording equipment.  At the end of March, Kadath relocated to the studio where we set up shop in a completely deadened, sound proofed room.  It was strange going from a noisy garage to a completely noiseless room like that.  All of a sudden, we could hear all of our mistakes plain as day.  It really helped us to get tight on our material.  In three weeks time we had perfected and fine tuned our eight songs.


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In April, the studio officially opened for business.  Although there were a few other rock bands besides Kadath, most of the studio's clientele were rap and R&B artists.  We continued to practice in the studio and auditioned lead guitarists over the months of April and May.


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In June, Alex Childers, a young guitarist from the area answered our ad for the lead guitarist spot.  Alex rehearsed with us during the remainder of June. In July we added him to the lineup.  Alex was really quiet, but talented.  He was impressive for a 16-year-old.  We knew it would take some time for him to get up to speed, but we were willing to wait for him to develop.  As fast as he was catching on, we didn't see that taking more than two or three months. 


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While Alex was progressing swiftly, newer versions of "Devil's Cure-All" and "The Silver Key" were written, as well as a new version of "Step 9".  But problems arose with Joe.  He was frequently late for practices and sometimes he didn't show up at all.  He seemed very distant, unmotivated and he didn't seem to have the stamina to make it through our rehearsals anymore.  There was a definite change in his personality.


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After an incident involving some disgruntled clients, the studio was abruptly relocated to another part of the city.  We moved to the new place as well.  The new space was not near as nice as the previous studio, but a studio nonetheless.



On July 31st, after several instances of our equipment being moved and/or messed with by the employees of the studio, we decided it was time to vacate the studio and look for a new rehearsal space.



Knowing that we wouldn't be able to find a place on short notice, we reluctantly returned to The Shed, where we had practiced two years earlier.   Kadath was invited by Shawn's girlfriend's parents to play at a party on August 16th.  We performed in their backyard.  It was a good time.  We put on a sloppy, but intoxicating (pun intended) performance.  The set included all eight of our original songs, some cover tunes, some horribly butchered and maimed requests by the audience, followed by a ten minute drunken guitar solo by Patrick.  The performance was concluded with an Alice in Chains cover by Marco, who was invited to the party by Joe.  This turned out to be Alex's first and only live performance with Kadath. 

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Later that night, when we returned to The Shed to unload our equipment, we realized that two guitars were missing from one of the vehicles used to transport our gear.  Patrick's Epiphone V and Alex's Jackson Performer had been stolen.  Once again, we filed a police report.  Alex's guitar turned up about a year later, but Patrick's guitar never did.


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In September Alex purchased a new guitar while Patrick went back to playing his Explorer.  Joe continued to be unreliable and appeared to be drifting away from us.  Rehearsals were mediocre at best.  By October, the band seemed to be falling apart.  It was decided that we would all take a break and assess the situation.


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We (Shawn and  Patrick) were anxious to do something constructive and fun, so on November 7th, we went to The Shed to make a four-track recording of some of our favorite Misfits songs.  We covered "Night of the Living Dead," "Halloween," and "Vampira".  Patrick laid the drums, guitar, and vocal tracks while Shawn supplied the bass and backing vocals.  This took our minds off of the problems with the band.  We had to endure the extreme cold of The Shed while recording, but it was worth it to us.  We had fun recording the songs.


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In December we decided to try to regroup with a new drummer.  Meanwhile, Alex got his hair cut and joined "The Few. The Proud. The Marines." and stepped down as Kadath's lead guitarist.  For the remainder of the year, we continued our search for a drummer, and began looking for a lead guitarist as well.

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